Baa Baaa Black sheep movie review: A harmless, funny movie

Baa Baaa Black sheep movie review: A harmless, funny movie

Ba Baaa Black Sheep is a movie by Vishwaas Pandya, and starring Manish Paul, Anupam Kher and Manjari Phadnis. The story follows a man named Baba (Manish Paul), who is your usual, useless but still trying to find his purpose in life protagonist, who is shocked when he finds out that his father, Charudutt Sharma/Charlie, (Anupam Kher) is a hit man, with a family legacy that ties to violence. Then, there’s Angela (Manjari Phadnis), who has her own secrets, and who falls in love with Baba. Most of the humor in the film comes from the characters, and how they try to keep their secrets, while Charlie tries to train Baba to become an assassin.

Anupam Kher is one of the greatest Indian actors alive, and its shocking that he agrees to star in movies like these, that underuse his talent. But, he is still hilarious, and shares an undeniable chemistry with Manish Paul. Manjari Phadnis, who is a better actress than most give credit to, is also very good with whats she given. The supporting cast, which includes Anu Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon are solid and deliver many funny moments in the movie.

It is too much to wish that the movie had done something better with the film, but, it still gives you many reasons to smile and laugh. Pandya’s direction is adequate, making the actors work more than his lackluster visuals, and as they deliver in full, the movie is a success.


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