Azhari Miyan; A great man died with lots of love

Azhari Miyan; A great man died with lots of love
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Azhari Miyan; A great man died with lots of love: A major religion master of Islam religion and al-Mukhti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri of Barelvi Masal died on Friday. The message of his death was a wave of mourning in the Barelvi masal For the last glimpse of Azhari Miyan, people are reaching Bareilly from the corners of the country, while their exiles living abroad are also coming to Bareilly. On Sunday, there will be Namaz A Janaza in Islamia Ground. Azhari Miyan always kept herself confined to religious affairs. The atmosphere of state and glowing glow never allowed him to go out of religious and religious circles.

So many political figures came to their doorstep, but he was never impressed by them nor did they give them special attention. All the political people came to their door, but they refused to meet. Although he would ever have seen something wrong in religious matters, he fully voiced his voice against it. Even the order of sterilization in Indira Gandhi’s rule was openly opposed by the Emergency.

Among the most noticeable Muslim faces of the world, Barelvi cleric Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raja Khan alias Azhari Miyan was the top 50 among the influential Muslims of the world. Oman’s The Royal Islamic Static Studies Center (RSISS) released the list of influential Muslims from around the world in the list of the top-50 of the edition 2016, in which Aghari Mian was ranked 25th.

Former Chief Minister ND Tiwari had good relations with Hazrat Khanadan During his reign, he had offered to make the MLC for Azhari Miyan, which was not accepted by Azhari Miyan. In 1989, Governor Usman Arif also offered to make him an MLC, but he refused it. Azhari Miyan was not interested in political affairs. It was the strength of them that the whole of Hazrat’s Urs stops completely on the political roles.

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