Azam Khan attacks Indian Army with controversial statement

Azam Khan attacks Indian Army with controversial statement

The senior leader of Samajwadi Party Azam Khan attacks Indian Army with another controversial statement in which he accusing the Indian Army of excesses in Jammu and Kashmir. The ex-UP minister said that women are forced to act against Army rapists in a shocking statement, during an event at Bastion Rampur in western Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan accused the Indian Army of misbehaving with the people of Jammu-Kashmir and other states in the country. Soldiers have been beaten by women in Kashmir, Jharkhand and Assam and also their private parts were chopped off, he said. The truth is that women are forced to act against Army rapists and it is the message of which Hindustan should be ashamed of, he further added that India is deviating from its path after six decades and adopting the path of the bullet instead of a ballot. Last month Azam Khan has asked people to keep women indoors to protect them from molesters.This statement came in the backdrop of molestation of women by over a dozen youth in Rampur.

This offensive statement of Azam Khan was widely condemned by the other party leaders. Sambit Patra the spokesperson of BJP said “We should boycott these kinds of politicians. They should not be given any sort of platform” and he also in a byte that Mr Azam Khan and the people like him are trying to divide the country into the lines of Hindu-Muslim. He said Azam is the person who politicising the rape case of Bulandshahr says it “political conspiracy”. Sambit Patra briefed media on the derogatory remarks by SP leader Azam Khan on Indian Army.

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