Ayodhya case hearing will likely to be on Friday

Ayodhya case hearing will likely to be on Friday

Supreme Court will continue Babri Masjid- Ram Temple land dispute case on Friday 28, September. The further decision depend on how the case takes shape this Friday and whether case will be moving to a constitutional bench. Earlier the three member bench of the Allahabad High Court were driving the vision on disputed land. Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, Ashok Bhushan and Justic SA Nazir looked into arguments that were submitted on behalf of Hindu organisations and opposed the request submitted by Muslims to pay the mosque to the follows of Islam in 1994. The apex court even filed their appealed against the High Court Verdict on four civil liberties.

Earlier president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Alok Kumar said that their is hope all restrictions coming in the path for constructing Ram Temple in Ayodya might be cleared by the law and constitution. He had also said that Supreme Court might clear the case in September 2018.  Earlier the opposition accused that every time around the elections  the issue of Ram Mandir is raised. This case is extremely sensitive and the result should be in favor to peace for all as reviving of this issue after 24 years is likely to raised further concern.

However, several political parties would be in favour to put off this matter till 2019, Lok sabha elections. The leader of congress and prominent lawyer even had filed the request to postpone the hearing till the elections are moved over but the bench put down the request and are continuing with the hearings. Even the lawyers and uttar pradesh government also said the demand was inappropriate.  Let’s see how the verdict goes after multiply delay in the matter.

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