Aurangabad: CRPF delpoyed to control clashes between communities post Ram Navami

Aurangabad: CRPF delpoyed to control clashes between communities post Ram Navami
Written by Abhishek Rana

Three additional CRPF companies are going to be deployed for Aurangabad, after the communal clash that occurred on Sunday, during the celebrations of the Hindu religious festival, Ram Navami. The situation in the area worsened when the goons set fire to 20 shops and even pelted at the people who were celebrating Ram Navami, without any interference from the police authorities. According to sources, 50 shops that had been located near the Jama Masjid, which is situated at the Old GT Road were set ablaze by the goons. Sixty people, among whom 20 policemen are also included, were injured because of the stone pelting by the goons.

Not only Aurangabad, violent clashes were also reported in parts of Gaya, Kaimur and Siwan. Large gatherings of crowd have been banned in Aurangabad, to avoid anymore chances of conflict between the two communities.

Union minister and BJP’s MP from Asansol Babul Supriyo, was going to take part in the rally, but avoided it, and is now saying that the activities were done to hurt him politically. Reports of clashes were also evidence from Kolkata, where 60 rallies were taken to the streets, and  organized by Trinamool Congress, although the violence was committed those who took part in armed processions. A person was killed in Pulriala, while a lot of people did not adhere to law and took arms with them during the rallies.

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