Arvind Kejriwal holds Haryana Bachao rally, slams Modi Government

Arvind Kejriwal holds Haryana Bachao rally, slams Modi Government

Arvind Kejriwal held a rally in Haryana, and was heard by a large audience, as he lay attack against the Modi Goverment, and its governance. But firstly, he said that his AAM Aadmi Party really made a difference, as he stated that the corruption cases in Delhi have lessened, and he’s not the only one saying that, since according to the report from the central government, Delhi has had a reduction of corruption cases by 81 percent. Kejriwal talked about how the Mohalla Clinic in Delhi has been praised for its efficiency, but then asked the people if the hospitals in Haryana had any adequate materials for the patients’ treatment.

Kejriwal then lobbed an attack on Modi Government, saying that the number of bank scams and frauds that have occurred during his rule have not taken place in India in total since the country achieved freedom. He didn’t spare the Chief Minister Khattar, and said that he was responsible for the situation in Haryana.

He continued, saying that he’d like to ask Modi, if the money of the common people of India is ever going to be remain safe in the banks, since only rich people like Ambani have gotten even prosperous, but not the common citizens of the country. He also accused the BJP party of instigating violence through riots and creating difference between Hindu and Muslim communities.


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