Arun Jaitley takes on US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for H-1B

Arun Jaitley takes on US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for H-1B

As the Trump administration follows up on their Make America Great Again, it has become somewhat troubling for those who dreamt the American dream outside the States. One such class of people were the Indians who have from the sixties travelled to the States and worked in different sectors, specially contributing to the growth of IT all around the world. The visa H-1B is what an average Indian needs to go to US to work. And over the months as Trumpian administration has made efforts to increase domestic employment rates – by putting Americans and America first – the sickly nationalism is obstructing the global workforce of IT sector, affecting the South Asian subcontinent.

In the meeting, Mr. Jaitley, who is on a trip to Washington DC for the annual spring meeting of IMF and World Bank, is reported to have discussed the H-1B visa issue. The meeting which is also the first cabinet-level interaction between India and the States (under the Trump administration) — had Jaitley bring up the case for Indian IT companies and professionals which for long now have contributed vehemently to the development and growth of the sector in India and US. The Indian workforce brings with it the skill, passion and hard work which is well documented and discussed. Both the countries have benefitted from this sector and the visa H-1B is an important factor in it. It is to be noted that the US administration has put the visa H-1B form under review by the departments of State, Labour, Homeland and Justice to weed out unwanted immigrants. The US secretary Ross is reported to have assured Mr. Jaitley that highly skilled professionals shall be given preference in the immigration policy.

Mr. Jaitley is said to have communicated about the mutual interests in trade and service of that of India and US to Wilbur Ross. Jaitley made it clear that the two largest democratic countries of the world over the years have developed a strong strategic, economic and defence relationship.

On the other hand, if the review of H-1B makes it complicated for Indians to work in the States, the opposition shall be on the throat of the government for next few months.

Jaitley has thus made his effort to remind the States that in next few years, the two countries should be able to move towards achieving the goal of USD 500 billion per annum in bilateral trade. Jaitley is also expected to be meeting and interact with various G-20 finance and commerce minsiters think-tanks and eminent Indian- Americans on his US trip.

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