Article 35A abolition lead to bigger revolt than 2008 Amaranth: Farooq Abdullah

Article 35A abolition lead to bigger revolt than 2008 Amaranth: Farooq Abdullah

Article 35A abrogation will lead to bigger revolt than Amaranth land row happened in 2008 said, Farooq Abdullah the National Conference President and Lok Sabha member. He was annoyed with what he sees as an attempt change the demographic composition of the Kashmir Valley. And it has come in the wake of PIL (Public Interest Litigation) challenging Article 35A in the Supreme Court.

Article 35A of the Indian Constitution is an article that empowers the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly to define as a permanent resident. It also provides special rights and priveledges to those permanent residents. It has a very complicated relationship with Article 370. As per the media reports while speaking to the media at his residence after meeting opposition leaders he said the abrogation of Article 35A will lead to a far greater revolt Amaranth land row happened in 2008 where people rose overnight.

Farooq Abdullah Article 35 A

The meeting was called by the National Conference President Farooq Abdullah that is attended by the members of National Conference, Congress and others to discuss the fallout of abolition of Article 35A that provide privileges to permanent residents and empowers the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly to defined it as permanent residents.

Article 35A came into existence in 1954 by a Presidential order. And because of the Public Interest Litigation now it has been challenged in the Supreme Court by an NGO. Those who seek for the abolition of Article 35A argue that it was not added to the Constitution by following the procedure prescribed for amending the Constitution under Article 368.

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