Anna Hazare goes on Hunger strike over Lokpal bill

Anna Hazare goes on Hunger strike over Lokpal bill

Anna Hazare has once again gone on a Hunger Strike over the conflicted Lokpal Bill, and has also gone back to the Ramlila Maidan for the protest. Anna has said that the government has failed to implement the bill in the the Centre and Lokayuktas in the states. He also wants the government to implement the Swaminathan Commission report, which could benefit the farmers in distress. It has been 6 years since the social activist began his revolutionary journey to get the Lokpal bill passed to control the corruption in the government. The movement was supported by millions of citizens of India, and was praised for its peaceful way of spreading the message and the determination through which it was carried out.

But, the movement was controversial too, as through it, Arvind Kejriwal gained popularity and made his own party Aam Aadmi Party, which led to the clashes with Hazare, who was in opposition of forming a party, since it defeated the purpose of the movement. Now, Anna has targetted the Modi government, as it has failed to implement the Lokpal bill so that it would actually investigate the cases of corruption within the system.

It seems that he was not enthused by people from his movement joining the Aam Aadmi Party, so he’s going to be more careful this time. He visited Rajghat today to pay their respects to Mahatma Gandhi.

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