Andhra Pradesh government bans new year celebration in temples

Andhra Pradesh government bans new year celebration in temples

Andhra Pradesh government has banned New Year celebration in Temples because they think that such celebrations are not “part of the Hindu culture and ethos”. A circular was sent to all the temples in the state with the notice, and now it has provoked another controversy, as people are asking as to why such a decision was taken. The main reason seems to be that the temples were spending too much on the celebrations, and such splurges were seen as wrong because they’re unnecessary.  “As per Hindu tradition, people should offer prayers and temples should organise festivities on Ugadi, which is New Year for Telugus across the world. This follows instructions from endowments commissioner YV Anuradha.” The notice stated to the temple authorities.

The government is in opposition of the temples spending time and money to celebrate the English New Year, in place of spending it on the Hindu oriented Ugadi.

The social media has not taken kindly to the decision as people are now trolling the government for their decision and calling it bizarre. So, according to the notice, there will be no special poojas and anything that is unrelated to the strict rules of the Hindu religion.

It looks like people have started to get annoyed by the decision, as there were quite a tweets about the it, but some have also supported it by saying that it is a good thing that the government has banned the unnecessary poojas that only waste money and time of people. There is clearly a divide in what people think the decision should be, and if they support or not. However, the government has already given its instruction to all the temples, so they can’t do anything against it, but just accept it as it is.

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