Anand Mahindra idea of converting Nirav Modi house to a non-profitable enterprise

Anand Mahindra idea of converting Nirav Modi house to a non-profitable enterprise

Anand Mahindra has tweeted on twitter that the Nirav Modi’s property i.e. Rhythm House has been seized by the government and is set for the auction. Anand Mahindra’s tweet says the people should come up and contribute little to this so that they can buy the house and convert it into the place of musicians, artist and people to hangout. Many people has reverted to this saying the idea is good and is even beneficial for the people as it will be the place for people to explore and express our talents. This contribution is not only allowed for rich people but even people of any status can contribute.

A small contribution to this will be helpful as it will experience the uprising of new artist and the place will also be a good place for hangout for music lovers. Many people has responded to the tweet of Anand Mahindra appreciating that the idea is very good. Anyone can contribute to this. Any status people can contribute. If this place will not be seized it will act as a very important place for the youngsters. This will be a non-profit enterprise for the benefits of the people. A crowd sourcing campaign will be worth it.

Anand Mahindra in a tweet said that he wants to make this initiative transparent and participative. All ideas are welcomed by Anand Mahindra. This place is located in Mumbai and it is iconic landmark and this place will uprise the talent of people. The large number of replies on his tweet has proved that the idea is very impactfull and people will love to co-operate and contribute in getting this place for the non-profitable cause. This contribution is not limited to any status of people. Anyone can contribute either a small amount or a large amount. This idea is very innovative.

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