Amit Shah’s road show in Tripura, says BJP isn’t afraid of violence

Amit Shah’s road show in Tripura, says BJP isn’t afraid of violence

Amit Shah, the leader of the BJP party has begun his campaign from the notherneast state of Tripura, before the Assembly elections. Shah will be holding rallies at Mohanpur, Chawmanu and Teliamura in coming days as well. A few days earlier, Shah had addressed the public and talked about how the government in Tripura had done a terrible job of governance, and how it was plagued with corruption and the members of the corrupt communist parties ought to be sent to jail. Today, Shah said to the crowds, the party wants to change the politics of violence in the state.

He stated that in Tripura, birth anniversaries of Stalin & Lenin are celebrated but not of Tagore & Vivekanand. He asked the people to trust BJP, and if they’re given the chance, they’ll change everything for the better of the state.

He warned the CPM that BJP is not afraid of violence, and that it would be fighting elections against a very powerful party, so they should be able to accept defeat if necessary. Shah thanked the people of Tripura for their support and attendance in his rallies, and also said that through them, the BJP could achieve victory in the state and improve the lives of people collectively. He also tweeted some pictures from the roadshow, in which people were shown in great attendance and holding the flags of his party.

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