Amit Shah in Karnataka, hails the need for good governance

Amit Shah in Karnataka, hails the need for good governance

BJP president Amit Shah is visiting Karnataka as part of the party’s election campaign for the upcoming assembly election in the state. He will also be visiting the family of BJP worker Deepak Rao, a BJP worker who was murdered last month. He will also attend a press conference at Surathkal, the attend the Fishermen Convention at Malpe before going to the Sri Krishna Matt. Shah spoke in a rally in Kannada, Karnataka, where he hailed the necessity for good governance in the state. “In 4 years, more than 22 karyakartas of BJP and RSS were brutally murdered in Karnataka and no action was taken against the culprits. We have never witnessed such ideological and political victimization ever.”

He also appeared quite confident about the fate of the party in the elections, and said, “I am convinced that winning streak of BJP is going to continue and we will form government in Karnataka, too.” He said that the plague of corruption in the Government has stalled the progress of the country and that people have finally agreed to accept change, as the rally has gotten an enthusiastic response from the public of Karnataka.

He said that the public of Karnataka have become weary of the crimes, murder, mafia, and the corrupt ministers who are ruling them. He told the crowds that the victory of BJP will ensure a congress free country, blaming them for being severely corrupt, and asking for people’s freedom from “Gunda” government to “Good” governance of his party.

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