American women killed by shark while diving in Costa Rica

American women killed by shark while diving in Costa Rica

A 49-year-old Rohina Bhandary, female tourist, identified as a US citizen, was killed by a tiger shark while snorkeling off the island in Costa Rica, in the Pacific Ocean, was reported by local media reported. Environment Ministry of Costa Rica said that an Indian-American, Rohina had sustained damaging bites on both legs, when taken out of the water, and could not be saved. Ministry said, Upon reaching the surface, the tiger shark attack on a tourist women was already serious. Doctors who were present during this tragic incident, at the remote island declared her dead.

Rohina was part of an 18-member group, which were diving off Cocos Island National Park, named as, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also known for its abundant species of sharks. However, 26-year-old instructor was also bitten by the shark but he was rescued. his condition is now stable after he was hospitalised.

Rohina was working with WL Ross & Co, as a private equity director, and she was also seen at many charity events in New York City, according to the local media.

According to the diving instructor, the predator was a female Tiger shark, and are known to attack humans. These sharks have dark stripes on their green skin which resembles as tigers. They are found in the east coast of North America to the east coast of Brazil.

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