Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack 2017: All Kashmiris are not terrorists – Rajnath Singh

Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack 2017: All Kashmiris are not terrorists – Rajnath Singh

Two days after Amarnath Yatra terror attack, people aggrieved on Twitter with their thoughts and ideas upon the attack. On Twitter, some people came up with an aggressive and abusive statement for pointing out the government to stop this lethal attack. While some of condemning their feelings for the victims and some of them targeting Kashmiris. So on Tuesday Home Minister Rajnath Singh used Twitter to counter angry demands for the retribution against the terror attack on the pilgrims in Kashmir and give off a clear message to those who were targeting Kashmiris for the attack.

He wrote on his Twitter that the people of Kashmir have strongly condemned the terror attack on yatris and it showed that the spirit of Kashmiriyat is very much alive. Apart from this he also stated and replied to the comment of girl who is targeting Kashmiris for this attack and who said “Who gives a fuck about the spirit of Kashmiriyat at this moment ? It’s not your job to placate. Just drag those cowards out and cull them.” In reply to this comment  Home Minister Rajnath Singh politely answered “Ms Kalra I certainly do. It is absolutely my job to ensure peace & tranquillity in all parts of the country. All Kashmiris are not terrorists.”

I think this is not the matter of criticizing Kashmiris, Indians and any other individuals. It’s a terror attack people and should have to be clear about their thoughts and opinions because everyone is not a terrorist. I think the issues like security of Amarnath pilgrims and how to prevent such possible attacks in the future should be the topic of discussion for everyone rather than blaming others without any ammunition.

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