Amarnath Yatra, security tightened for the pilgrims against terrorists

Amarnath Yatra, security tightened for the pilgrims against terrorists
Written by Abhishek Rana

The security measures to safeguard the pilgrims who are going to undertake the journey to Amarnath temple have been beefed up, with the addition of vehicles that are going to be employed  with electromagnetic chips, bullet proof bunkers, SUV police convoys. Two lakh people have registered for the journey to the 3,880 metre high cave where the holy Shivling is borne with natural snow. A hefty 40,000 posse of CRPF soldiers have made arrangements to keep the people safe from any terrorist attacks. They are present from Pahalgam and Baltal, patrolling the region with armored vehicles to spot any violent agent.

A senior official has said about the situation, and stated,”Security forces have been given specific responsibility to sanitise routes and secure a select number of pilgrim vehicles by sandwiching them between bullet proof troop carriers.”

The CRPF forces are tasked with clearing the road as the Yatra proceeds towards its destination. They will be inspecting the regions for Improvised Explosive Devices that have been tacked in the way to harm the pilgrims. This is the biggest security bank that has been deployed that is going to ensure the safety of the pilgrims, as they’ll be travelling through a conflict ridden Jammu and Kashmir.

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