Alwar, Rajasthan: Man lynched by mob on suspicion of Cow smuggling

Alwar, Rajasthan: Man lynched by mob on suspicion of Cow smuggling

A 28 year old man, identified as Akbar Khan was beaten to death in Alwar, Rajasthan, by villagers pf Ramgarh, because they suspected him of Cow smuggling. The villagers had spotted the two men trying to transport Cows. The mob beat them mercilessly, and caused the severe injuries to one, while the other died on the spot. The police are investigating the case, and have not confirmed if the men really were Cow smugglers or not. Akbar Khan was a resident of Kolgaon, Haryana. He, and the other man were taking two cows throw a forest, in  Lalawandi village, situated in Alwar.

The villagers spotted them, and began to beat them without seeking explanation about their deeds. Akbar’s body has been sent to Postmortem, but there is still no further information if the two men were committing crime  by stealing the cows and trying to transport them.

On Tuesday, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra had said that no citizen is allowed to take the law in their hands and if there is anarchy brewing up among people, then its the responsibility of the government to act positively and try to curb the violence perpetuated by mobs on other people and groups. The incidents are especially chilling because a mob enacts violence on an individual without any solid proof of the crime, which is a very dangerous precedent for others’ who might begin to take justice in their hands as opposed to seeking it through the concerned authorities.

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