Air India cabin crew member caught smuggling marijuana on flight

Air India cabin crew member caught smuggling marijuana on flight
Written by Karu Cheema

Cabin crew member of Air India (AI) was caught smuggling drugs and was subsequently arrested for smuggling marijuana on AI flight, official said on Saturday. Allegedly 2 Kg of marijuana was smuggled using food meal service trolley of AI 440 flight, On Friday, June 19th. Recovery was made when trolley was rolled out of the aircraft. AI 440 operates from Delhi to Chennai.

“A detailed investigation was carried out and one member of the cabin crew of AI 440 has been placed under arrest under the provisions of the NDPS Act, 1985,” reported by the Office of the Commissioner of Customs at Delhi airport on Saturday read.

Air India has been running under tremendous pressure due to a severe burden of loan, amounting to more then Rs 50,000 crore. Recently it was in news due to the cabinet approval to sell it to a private party. Tata’s and Indigo were speculated bidders , but seems things did not turn out well.

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