Delhi Air Hostess suicide in Hauz Khas; Police starts Investigation

Delhi Air Hostess suicide in Hauz Khas; Police starts Investigation

A 39-year-old Delhi Air Hostess Anisia Batra committed suicide by jumping from the top of the roof on Saturday in Lufthansa Airlines in Hauz-Khas, New DelhiAccording to victim’s husband Mayank Singhvi, his wife committed suicide by jumping off the roof and before committing suicide, she called him. According to Anisia’s brother Karan Batra, on the day of the incident, his sister sent him a message at 2 pm in the afternoon and requested to help him. karan said,”Mayank locked me in the room, then at 4 o’clock, she again called me, that Mayank is taking my life.” There has been a new turn in the case of alleged suicide of woman air hostess in Hauzkhas, Delhi. Family members of Anisia Batra claimed that her husband Mayank murdered her.

It is alleged that Mayank had an extramarital affair, that he was hiding from Anisia and his family. The surrounding people say that Mayank and Anisia had frequent quarrels and the same was happened on the day of the incident. There was a fight at about 2 o’clock on that day too. Mayank and Anisia had separated for some time due to everyday conflicts. The agreement was then settled.

According to Anisia’s family, Mayank married her daughter two years ago with great fanfare, but when both went to Dubai for the honeymoon after marriage, Mayank started an assault with Anisia in the hotel itself. This series of fighting quarrels was continuously going on since then. Because Mayank was addicted to alcohol and he also wanted money from Anisia. Anisia’s father had filed a complaint in connection with the assault on June 27.

Why Anisia Batra Suicide?

The dead woman had married two years ago and she lived with her husband in Hauzkhas, Delhi. Police told that before commit suicide, Anisia Batra sent a message to her husband Mayank that she is going to commit suicide. The woman’s husband works as a software engineer in Gurgaon. According to the registered FIR, Mayank and Anisia got married on February 23, 2016, in the Kentucky area. Immediately after the marriage, Mayank began to beat up my daughter and started torture.

On the basis of FIR, the Delhi Police filed a case against Mayank and his parents for dowry killing of section 304 B of IPC. Police said that Mayank is being interrogated by Police, Anisia’s father said to the police. Anisia’s father is a retired gusted officer from Army and he is calling this incident as Murder. The police have seized the phones of Anisia and Mayank.

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