Air Force Officer arrested for allegedly sharing information with ISI

Air Force Officer arrested for allegedly sharing information with ISI
Written by Abhishek Rana

Indian Air Force officer, Arun Marwaha, 51 years old, has been arrested from Delhi, for allegedly committing espionage and sharing crucial information with the Pakistani Intelligence agency, ISI, Inter-Services Intelligence. According to the investigators, Marwaha had been communicating with the Pakistani agents through social media, where they had been hiding behind the fake identity of women. Marwaha is charged under the  Official Secrets Act and could be jailed for up to 7 years. As per the sources, Marwaha had become friends with the agents on social media, and communicated daily with them, unknowing that they were secret agents from the neighboring country.

He had become comfortable with the person to share his phone no. and they talked through Whatsapp too, and it is being reported that they might have also exchanged private messages with each other. But after a while, when the agents had gained his confidence, they began to ask for classified information from Marwaha, and he complied without much hesitation, giving away information about cyber warfare, space and special operations, and other, newer agencies on Whatsapp.

Marwaha wouldn’t have been caught if a senior official hadn’t found out about this leak, and he immediately set out carry an internal investigation. Marwaha was sent to Delhi after he was interrogated for ten days by the Indian Air force. He was arrested on Thursday. He had been carrying a phone inside the building, which is prohibited for any member of IAF.


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