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Ahoi Ashtami 2017 Puja Timing, Vrat Vidhi, Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha

Ahoi Ashtami 2017 Puja Timing, Vrat Vidhi, Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Ahoi Ashtami is one of the important festival celebrated in India. Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated on 12th October on the 8th day of the Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar. This festival is dedicated to the mother and son relationship. On Ahoi Ashtami mothers observe fast or vrat for the long life of their children. Vrat of Ahoi Ashtami is similar as the Karwa Chauth women observe fast for the whole day without water and food and open their fast in evening after sighting stars in the sky. The vrat of Ahoi Ashtami is observed by the mother for the healthy and prosperous life of their sons. Puja timing for Ahoi Ashtami is 5:42 PM – 6:58 PM on 12th October.

Ahoi Ashtami 2017 Vrat Vidhi and Ahoi Puja Vidhi

Women take Sargi early morning at 4’o clock and then observe vrat without food and water for the full day. They open their fast after spotting stars in the evening.

Women draw photo of Ahoi Mata on the wall or they can also buy the poster of Ahoi Mata from market to celebrate Ahoi Ashtami. A pitcher of water is placed in front of the poster of Ahoi Mata and a moli (red thread) is tied around the pitcher. Dip one end of the thread or moli in turmeric and draw swastika on the pitcher with red sindoor. Then Rice and milk is offered to Ahoi Mata. Read the story or Katha of Ahoi Mata facing the poster of Maa Ahoi Bhagwati.

Ahoi Ashtami 2017 Vrat Katha

This is a story related to a woman who lived in a village and had seven sons. One day in Kartik month she was digging the soil in the forest with an axe and suddenly her axe fell into a cave and killed a cub sleeping inside. Then her seven sons died one by one in the same year the older ladies in the village advised her to pray and do fast / vrat of Ahoi Mata or maa Ahoi Bhagwati drawing Ahoi Mata on the wall. After continuously following the same rituals for seven years Ahoi Mata all her seven sons returned back.

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