Agni 5 missile tested successfully

Agni 5 missile tested successfully

India has successfully tested the nuclear capable surface-to-surface Agni-5 missile, which has been an example of the strength of the nation. Boasting a range of over 5,000 kilometers, the missile is the strongest in the Agni series. Agni 5 was launched at 9:54 am from launch pad number 4 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Abdul Kalam Island. The location is situated at the coast of Odhisa. After it was launched, the missile was in the air for 19 minutes and covered a distance of 4,900 km. The range of the missile is something that makes it so advanced than other iterations of Agni. The missile had been successfully tried five times before, and this was a test trial to see the accuracy and the strength of the missile.

The missile is highly equipped and had high speed on-board computer and fault tolerant software, that will make sure that no harm comes to it, and it doesn’t malfunction while it traveling toward the target. It is also very strong, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon that weighs almost  1.5 tonnes.

The missile is first going to achieve an appropriate height that is its maximum, and then only will it turn toward the ground, to reach the target that has been intended. The missile also has very high mobility and low maintenance. After the successful trial, India has become one of the strongest countries to have the missile which is this capable, it also joins US, Britain, Russia, China and France in having the possession of such power. The social media erupted in applause after the news broke out about the successful trial, and the topic has been trending on twitter for a while.

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