African oldest “Giza Zoo” needs space for Animals

African oldest “Giza Zoo” needs space for Animals
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Giza Zoo, which is in the centre of the Egyptian capital, boasts around 4,500 animals of 28 species, lost its accreditation in 2004. The proper space for the animals was one of the major reasons for Giza Zoo to lost its accreditation with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The chimp’s exuberance contrasts with the pitiful lack of space and natural habitat in Africa’s oldest zoo while the Boba springs left and right for a Cairo zookeeper feeding him fruit.

Under the tall trees in the expansive Giza Zoo where children throw morsels to several monkeys, trying to elicit a funny reaction. Also, the crowd will be seen around the pen of Naima, an elephant who extends her trunk from behind the bars for treats.

Mona Khalil, Heads the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, said, “We wish the natural environment could be recreated for the animals. It’s not normal for an elephant or other animals to live in a tight space and on hard ground.”

The oldest Giza Zoo was built in 1891 and extends over about 344,000 square meters. Several exotic trees from abroad were also planted in the Zoo.

Aside from the possible treatment of zoo animals, humans can pass on diseases to the animals. But changes require funds, the employees of the zoo earn the only salary in between 350 and 1,000 pounds ($20 and $57) a month.

Khaled Oweis who has worked at Giza Zoo for 22 years said that “I’m searching for another job, I can’t even afford necessities with my salary.”

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