Act with her movement on twitter, people come together to denounce patriarchal violence

Act with her movement on twitter, people come together to denounce patriarchal  violence

Act with Her is a moment on Twitter has unleashed another outcry to condemn the violence against women, and also to give an example of their bravery and endurance. The story of Annapurna, shared by Action Aid India who resisted being raped by men in her village, and whose attackers cut off her hand and a leg, is truly heartbreaking and inspiring, as even though she’s lost her leg, Annapura didn’t lose hope and now she helps to fight against patriarchal violence. India has been mired in violence against women for years, and the recent cases of rape and murder in Haryana has shocked everyone at the situation. The rape statistics have been alarming, as almost 5 thousand women are murdered by relatives in the name of Honor killings.

Actress Shabana Azmi and others have been tweeting and showing their allegiance to the moment for the welfare of women who have to suffer sexual and physical violence and the survivors across India. Shabana has called onto actress’ Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Dia Mirza to speak against the violence.

It is important to note that women all across the world are victims of violence, as can be evidenced from seeing the plight of Yazidi women who suffer under slavery for the ISIS terrorists.

The hashtag, act with her, as made women on social media come together for a cause and integrate others to support other, less fortunate women. And there have also been calls for better education for both men and women and strict laws against rape, and appropriate punishment for the criminals. A change is only going to come when everyone agrees to help these women and spread information.






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