AAP party demands strict laws against Stalking with hashtag No Bail 4 Stalking

AAP party demands strict laws against Stalking with hashtag No Bail 4 Stalking

The Aam Admi Party has demanded that strict laws be made against stalking, as it began to trend the No Bail 4 Stalkers hashtag on twitter, providing evidence about how stalking is still prevalent in the country, and why its important that the culprits should face maximum punishments for their crimes. The party’s twitter states how some of the cases of stalking aren’t recognized by the law, and that some countries have passed laws to address the crime. They also shared a video in which women from across India, spoke about their experiences of being stalked by men, and how they don’t get justice because the law authorities don’t take the complaints seriously enough to take an action against the culprits.

According to the statistics, there has been a 65% rise in the cases of reported stalking against women. They also tweeted that if the accused get out on bail, they often attack their victims, sometimes with the use of acid, rape or even murder them.

Stating that women in India don’t have the access to specific laws that is going to help them from the culprits, and that its alarming time when strcit enough rules are made to address their cases with seriousness and dignity. The hashtag began trending on twitter early morning, with people coming together to talk about stalking, its consequences and how it should be curbed and the culprits sent to jail.







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