AAP MLA disqualification case: The High court to listen to the plea today

AAP MLA disqualification case: The High court to listen to the plea today

The Delhi High Court is going to hear a petition by the 20 disqualified MLA’s of the Aam Admi Party today. The MLA’s were disqualified from the party by the Election Commission because of allegedly holding profit jobs in the government, when such a thing is prohibited and could be resulted in certain disqualification. According to the High Court, there will be no elections until the matter is resolved properly. It has advised the Election Commission to hold off any announcement before a decision is reached after hearing the plea from the party. Although, the disqualification of these members will hardly affect the party, as it has a majority of 66 seats from a total of 70, but it could lead to a small election for those 20 seats that would be left empty.

Arvind Kejriwal has defended the MLA’s and party itself, stating that the members were even given a chance to defend themselves and present a proper explanation, he also said that this is an intentional scheme of people to malign the party.

But the chief minister of Delhi is still holding on to hope that the truth will prevail. Meanwhile the party has already launched an emotive campaign to support for the disqualified MLA’s. The party is now vulenrable, and has already been attacked by the opposition parties. Manoj Tiwari said that Kejriwal should resign from the party on moral grounds and that the court protected the democratic values by disqualifying the MLA’s.

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