Aam Admi Party: Disqualified MLA’s withdraw plea from Delhi High Court

Aam Admi Party: Disqualified MLA’s withdraw plea from Delhi High Court
Written by Abhishek Rana

Aam Admi Party, and Arvind Kejriwal suffered a blow to the party, when 20 legislators from the party were disqualified by the Election Commission. The disqualified legislators also included Kailash Gahlot, who is also Delhi Transport Minister, at the time when there were many new amends to the transportation system of the city. Now, the Aam Admi party has itself withdrawn their petition from the High Court, seeking to stay the disqualification of the legislators. Earlier in the day, election commission had also submitted that the communication for the disqualification of the MLA’s had been sent by January 19 2018.

This has caused a lot of tension and controversy for the Arvind Kejriwal government, as the MLA’s were disqualified because of they had transgressed the provisions of the Office of Profit, according to which, the lawmakers can’t hold any post in the government office that actually makes them entitled to have power of perks, unless, and only when a specific law has been passed that exempts them from the posts.

Kejriwal has already put forth his own view on the disqualification, stating that his party is being singled out people and targeted. The president, has already singed off on the disqualification of the MLA’s, so there’s little he can do, other than go to court. Congress and BJP have also jumped onto the fray, and demanded that Arvind resign from his post, based on moral grounds. There are already speculations about Kejriwal’s next move, which is reportedly that he is going to lean on the disqualifications and try to convince the court, and the people, that the party is being unfairly maligned. The party has made it clear that none of the disqualified MLA’s hold any salaries from the post of Parliamentary secretaries. This is surely a very sensitive and there will be more discussion and debate about it in coming days.

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