Aadhaar Verdict Live Updates; SC to deliver decision on Constitutional validity of Aadhaar Act

Aadhaar Verdict Live Updates; SC to deliver decision on Constitutional validity of Aadhaar Act
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court will hear a major verdict on the petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar Act. The Constitution bench of five judges, headed by CJI Dipak Mishra, will give a decision on dozens of petitions filed against the Bench Support Act. Many other people, including a retired judge, Puttasamy, have challenged the legality of the Aadhar laws by filing a petition in the Supreme Court. The petitions have been argued for the violation of the right to privacy from biometric data collected specifically for the basis. During the hearing of the Aadhaar, the issue of being the fundamental right of the right to privacy in the court had arisen, after which the court stayed the trial of the Aadhaar and the Constitution Bench started hearing on the fundamental right of privacy and declared it as a fundamental right. After this, five judges started hearing the legality of the base. Total 38 hearing had been followed before today in a total of four and a half months.

Aadhaar verdict in Supreme Court Live Updates

9:00 AM IST- On behalf of the petitioners challenging the legality of the base, more than half a dozen people, including senior advocates Shyam Diwan, Arvind Dattar, Gopal Subramaniam, P. Chidambaram, KV Viswanathan, debated and called the base the right to privacy rights.

8:30 AM IST- The petitioners said that there is no adequate security for the data being collected. Apart from this, by collecting biometric identities, any person is being transformed into reality from 12 digits to reality.

8:00 AM IST- Aadhaar cannot be called a money bill. If such a bill is to be considered as a money bill, then the bill, which the government feels uncomfortable, will pass it as a money bill. P. Chidambaram had said that the right to suggest the amendment in the Bill of Rajya Sabha and the President’s bill for consideration of having this law in the purview of the money bill, has been neglected. There

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