On Aadhar Card civil right issue, Supreme court to hear petition today

On Aadhar Card civil right issue, Supreme court to hear petition today

The Supreme Court will be hearing a plea about the linking of Aadhar card, which the petitioners have said is “death to the civil rights” The bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra will be reviewing the petition. According to the plea, liking the Aadhar card to the personal information will result in the loss of privacy, to which the bench has retorted that people now days live in a world in which networking is very crucial, so it won’t make much difference if the information is liked. The main contention of petitioners is that linking of personal information is dangerous because of the prevalence of hacking and other nefarious ways in which it can be compromised.

The Aadhaar card linking has been a controversial topic for a year, ever since the 49,000 private companies were blacklisted by the government, which gave people pause against the authenticity of the process. It could easily be used to hack into their account and steal sensitive information, and people are obviously are cautioned about getting ready for the linking.

There have been various other options that have been introduced in the Aadhar card authentication system, the most prominent of which is face recognition, through which people would be able to authenticate themselves. The introduction of the feature is one of the most advanced technologies that will be used by the government to ensure the safety of people’s privacy. But, the petitioners have argued that the government can’t force people to link their personal information to the Aadhar cards. The last date to linking Aadhar card has been extended till 31st March.

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