AA BB KK movie review: A moving, and well acted drama

AA BB KK movie review: A moving, and well acted drama
Written by Abhishek Rana

AA BB KK movie directed by Ramkumar Gorakhnath Shedge  and starring Suniel Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Sahil Joshi, Maithili Patvardhan, Sunny Pawar, Arya Ghare, Sidhi, Kishor Kadam, Kamlesh Sawant, among many others is a socially conscious drama that is well acted even though it flounders in terms of narrative. There is also a few cameos from Bollywood personalities like Suniel Shetty, and Tamanna, which while nice to look at, distract from the main story of the two orphans,  Hari (Sahil Joshi) and Jani (Maithili Patwardhan), who are trying to survive in the hellish poverty. There is also a pro government message in the plot that looks shoe horned in and would’ve been better left out from the script.

Still, the movie is effective, mostly because of the acting and the sensitivity with which the plot is handled. There is not much misery porn in the proceedings, and all the characters look natural. The movie would’ve been a lot worse if it showed and glamorized poverty in ways that is done when Hollywood directors make stories about India.

Sahil Joshi, Maithili Patwardhan and Sunny Pawar are all perfectly cast in their respective roles. They show dramatic power even though they have to share scenes with other, seasoned actors. There is some doubts if the ending would’ve been as moving if it was performed by someone else. Director  Ramkumar Gorakhnath Shedge shows flair in directing the movie, and quite a bit of it is beautifully shot. There is no moment where you are shown something insensitive. This is, above all, a human drama, and every character is made to sound and behave like a human. There are no villains in the movie, only people who want to do things to get through the day. AA BB KK is a well intention-ed drama that is going to move you/

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