7th Pay Commission updates: Hike in minimum pay and fitment factor is uncertain

Written by Pallavi Parmar

7th Pay commission’s recommendation to raise minimum pay and fitment factor is uncertain. According to the reports, NAC that was formed to resolve all the matters related the implementation of the recommendations of 7th pay Commission. The National Anomaly Committee refused to consider the issue of raising minimum pay as inconsistent. However, There are the fewer possibilities of minimum pay raise and fitment factor under the 7th pay commission recommendations. The finance ministry said that the government have committed to increasing minimum pay recommendation of the 7th pay commission. As per the reports, the recent letter from the Department of Personnel and Training Secretary of Staff stated that the demand to raise minimum pay does not appear to be peculiar.

Therefore, the Department said these recommendations would not come under the NAC concerns. As per the reports, the Finance Ministry also said that there is no scope to change the minimum pay of Rs 18,000 recommended by the 7th CPC; approved by the cabinet.

However, top finance ministers said the government will review the DoPT letter as they have issued the letter against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s promise to raise minimum pay. The Finance Minister may hike the minimum pay beyond the 7th Pay Commission recommendations for the central government employees as they still committed to their promise.

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