6.1 magnitude Earthquake jolts Delhi-NCR; No casualties were reported

The earthquake of 6.1 magnitude jolted Delhi-NCR today at 12:40 pm. However, no casualties or damage have been reported yet in India but one person died and several injured in Balochistan. As per the reports, the earthquake tremors were also felt in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab region. Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was the epicentre of Earthquake says reports. The neighbouring countries have also jolted by massive tremors on Wednesday. As per the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre reports, the Earthquake was also felt in Pakistan and struck 270 km northeast of Kabul in the Hindu Kush mountains deep inside at 180 km.

In India, the first report of Earthquake has received from Uttar Pradesh. The massive Earthquake tremors have created panic situation among people. As per the reports, the massive earthquake tremors have lasted for one minute continuously. Everyone got scared and came out of their offices, homes and workplaces during the earthquake hits the city. As per the official reports, tremors felt across Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eastern Uzbekistan, and in the Northern India areas like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Delhi-NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier in 2015, Afghanistan’s Jarm was hit by a massive earthquake of 7.5 magnitude which triggered landslides, massive destruction of building and roads. This devastating earthquake killed more than 380 people across the region. The metro services in Delhi-NCR region halted after 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes the city. As per the reports, Delhi metro suspended its operation as tremors jolted the capital city after a massive earthquake on Afghanistan-Tajikistan border. Also, today India is going to mark Lunar Eclipse. Some of the astrologers are suggesting that earthquake caused due to Super blue blood moon lunar eclipse which is going to be observed today on the full moon day from 5:19 pm to 8:43 pm. As per the reports, the Super blue blood moon to be observed after 152 years today.

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