Article 35A: The Supreme court has delayed decision for 2 months

Article 35A: The Supreme court has delayed decision for 2 months

The Supreme court has decided to defer the decision on the petition against the article 35A by two months, giving relief to the defense, while it has confused and angered people on social media for avoiding to make a decision. The Supreme Court was going to take on several petitions made against Article 35A today. The four petitions allege that the provision should be removed, and have been presented before the bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandracud.

We the citizens, an NGO based in Delhi, was the first organization to sign the petition in 2014, and then three other petitions were added and are now being under-seen by the judges. The Article 35A is a special provision in the constitution which gives the power to Jammu and Kashmir legislature, which enables them to decide the permanent residency of the state.

There had been threats from different sources that if the article was to be abolished, the state will have to face violent retaliation from some sectors of Jammu and Kashmir, but now it seems that the court has been successful in delaying any unrest for at least 2 months, and will get the time to make a substantial result by December.


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