3 Years of Narendra Modi Government: The Ambitious Digital India Growth

The Narendra Modi Government has pushed India into Digital India and have successfully encouraged the growth of India with digitalization movement. The government has got more people to use mobile and internet banking while announcing its decision to demonetise the existing currency. This decision has renowned the way people pay money through digitally payment services and through granting licenses for payments bank of different private sector.

Sath hai, vishwas hai, ho raha vikas hai , [There is cooperation, there is confidence and progress is being made],” he tweeted.

Mr. Narendra Modi also tweeted comparisons of growth between 2014 and till now,over all statistics related to various sectors. He also invited the public to participate in a survey on his Narendra Modi App about the performance in the three years of his government.  Mr. Narendra Modi gives the statement that his team is pro and his government has put his promises into action.

Modi coal production

coal production

Coal production has increased to 554 mn tonnes in 2016-2017, declaring India a coal surplus. Modi government’s new power plan will let you avail heavy consumption of electricity with lower tariffs.  The state electricity regulatory commissions will revise the tariff design for all the consumers for commercial and non-commercial sectors.

Gram Sadak Yojna

The Implement of this plan has made the phenomenal change after the Modi’s government took over. The reported of scheme has change the lifestyle of road connectivity. It has resulted in new roads and upgrade of certain inter-village routes in many place. Almost double rural roads constructed compared to last years of UPA Govt.

Modi sanitation Scheme

Modi sanitation Scheme

The Union Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi launched in October 2014 `Swachh Bharat Mission to realize by 2019, the dream of Swachh Bharat mission will accomplish it. The percentage of the growth has gone up by 22% from year 2014.

Easy of business

Easy of business

Modi government has made India to achieve ranking of 130, overall in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report and rank 155 in terms of starting a business. The Target is to meet the new records that will let the implementation of new business take no time and will bring it down by seven numbers of days, said Secretary, Ramesh Abhishek. You can compare the growth by looking at report chart.

solar innovation

solar innovation

The growth target have already been achieved by seventy percent and the targets for the coming years will be higher. If we look at the number 2,621 MW in 2014 to 12,277 MW up to march 2017. The growth of solar generation is enormous since the Modi Govt took over.

Narendra Modi is all set for the revolution of creating all new INDIA by year 2022. His enthusiastic efforts are vividly seen into action and is seeking promising future plans.

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