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2021 Census Update; OBC record will be collected separately

2021 Census Update: It has been decided to collect OBC data separately in the census of 2021. The Home Ministry said that for the first time in 2021 census, data related to other backward classes (OBCs) will be collected. Jio tagging of houses is also proposed during the census. Opposition parties are treating it as the central election seat of the central government. A Home Ministry spokesperson said that census 2021 will be completed in three years. Before this, it took seven to eight years to do so. He said that for the first time, it has been considered to gather data related to OBC. Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the preparations for Census 2021. They discussed its roadmap and other important points.

It was emphasized that the emphasis should be on improving the design and technical things so that the data could be finalized within three years of the census. So far, it takes seven to eight years for the whole figures to be released. More than 25 lakh personnel are trained for this great exercise.

2021 Census Update; OBC record will be collected separately

Knowledgeable experts say that such demand of census by OBC leaders is being done for a long time. Leaders argue that it can be demanded reservation according to the population. On the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, prepared on the basis of the caste data collected for the last time in the country’s 1931 census, the then VP Singh government had announced 27 percent reservation for OBCs.

A Home Ministry spokesman said, “It has been considered for the first time to collect the data related to OBCs.” Sample survey on the country’s population in 2006, National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), a branch of statistics and implementation of the program. Announced the report and said that the OBC population in the country is about 41% of the total population. NSSO calculates 45,374 households in 79,306 families and urban areas in rural areas.

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