16-yr-old Delhi boy done to death before mother’s eyes

A minor and a youth have been held in connection with killing of a 16-year-old boy in front of his mother here on Thursday, police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Milind Mahadeo Dumbere said that Shahrukh’s throat was slit with a piece of glass, which caused his death, in Sangam Park area of north-west Delhi around 12 p.m.

The minor boy, who slit Sharukh’s throat and another youth who instigated him had been arrested, Dumbere said.

At about 11.45 a.m on Thursday, Sharukh’s mother Shakeela was alerted by a boy that her son and another boy were fighting, police said.

When she reached the spot, the arrested minor had thrown her son on the ground and was punching him and the other accused was instigating the fight, police said.

Shakeela said the accused minor then took a broken bottle from the ground and slit her son’s throat.

As she cried for help, the accused fled the spot, leaving Sharukh on the ground.

Police said Sharukh was later declared dead at Hindu Rao Hospital in north Delhi.

A senior police officer privy to the case told IANS said that Sharukh and the accused minor were known to each other.

“It seems that all three of them were under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that led to the quarrel,” the officer said.

The accused were apprehended from the same area by evening, he added.

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