133rd Congress foundation day: Ambedkar constitution is in danger says Rahul Gandhi

Written by Shilpi Gupta

The country’s oldest political party is celebrating its 133rd Congress foundation day today. After becoming Rahul Gandhi as a Congress President, it is the Congress’s first establishment day function. On this occasion, several programs are being organized by Congress on behalf of the country today. On Thursday morning Congress President Rahul hoisted the flag at Delhi headquarters. In the Foundation Day program, Rahul said that Congress has always supported the truth. In today’s time, the constitution given by Baba Saheb Ambedkar is in danger, that constitution is being attacked by other parties. It is sad to see But our duty is to protect the constitution.

Rahul also attacked BJP and said that BJP is continuing to move forward with lies. He said that we will lose but we will not leave the way of truth. Recently, on December 16, Rahul has been the party’s president. The results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections came after Rahul became the president. In which the Congress was defeated.

However, in these elections, the Congress has made a comeback after a very long time, in 2014, the BJP had won a one-way victory in the elections in the country. Since the beginning, there have been many changes in the Congress party. Now after becoming Rahul as the president of the party, there is a possibility of major changes once again. Sonia Gandhi has given a signal of retirement, it is possible that the young faces in the party will get more preference. 

The Indian National Congress was founded on 28 December 1885. This party was founded by British Civil Service Officer Ellen Octavio Hume. Bhind its establishment The purpose of Hume was to make political interests of British power, but Hume failed in it and it became part of the freedom movement. Mahatma Gandhi had also offered to abolish Congress after independence, but there was no consensus on this. Over time, its form and color certainly changed, but Gandhi was synonymous with the identity of the party. Today Rahul Gandhi has become the party head. 

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