11 Bodies found hanging at Delhi’s Burari, Police starts Probe

There has been a very painful incident happened in the country’s capital Delhi. Bodies of 11 people of the same family were found dead in a house in the Sant Nagar area of the fort here. 7 women and 4 men found dead in a horrifying stage. The police say that there are also children in the bodies. All bodies are being told of the same family. All the dead bodies had been bandaged on the mouth and the eyes. The police reached the spot and took the dead bodies. The police are interrogating the people of that area. So far, these deaths are being suspected. It is being told that this family has furniture and grocery store. All have been hanged from the trap in the courtyard of the house.

The police have taken the bodies for post-mortem at Guru Gobind Singh Hospital. A probe has been launched. The police are not certain if the deaths were a result of suicide or murder. After being seen the dead bodies, the neighbors informed the police. The police got this information at around 7.30 in the morning. In the Initial investigation, the police are reviewing it as a suicide case. Police officers present on the spot say that after the post-mortem report and the completion of the investigation process, it can be said clearly that whether it is murder or suicide. Although he says that this can be a suicide case.

The eyes of the dead bodies were tied. It seems that they do not want to see each other or do not want to hear each other while doing suicide together. Police said that there were two brothers and their wives in the family of 11 people. Two boys were around 16 to 17 years old. The dead bodies include an elderly mother and sisters. The police are searching for other people in this family and trying to contact them in any way. Police said that 9 bodies were found hanging from the trap in the house, one body found near the window while one woman got on the ground in the bedroom. Some dead bodies are also tied to their hands. This is a four-story house.

After it, the police have sealed the whole house. However, the situation will be clear only after the inquiry report comes.

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