“100 Din Vishwas Ke” Said Yogi On Completing 100 Days Of His Tenure

“100 Din Vishwas Ke” Said Yogi On Completing 100 Days Of His Tenure

Yogi Adityanath’s government has completed its 100 day in Uttar Pradesh and on this occasion Chief Minister adressed the media had given the report card of their 100 day’s work to list out his government’s achievements and said that this government is working for all without any discrimination against anyone. He also unveiled a booklet “100 din vishwas ke” and declared 2017 as “garib kalyan varsh”. Yogi began his tenure by fulfilling some of the election promises made by the BJP during their campaign such as formation of Anti-Romeo Squad and cracking down on illegal slaughter houses. Later on his government waived Rs 36,359-crore loan of farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

Law & Order was a big campaign issue for the BJP, there slogans were “Na Bhrashtachar, Na Gundaraj”. And even after 100 days the problem of law & order is still the same. BJP had promised that within 100 days they will get the problem of law & order under control but the govt will have to work hard on this issue. Yogi’s inexperience as a administrator exposed in the case of violence in Saharanpur. However there are no specific data which can be basis for anyone to judge the work of this government. People are rating the work of this government according to their perceptions. However, Adityanath also took the opportunity to the blame on the previous Samajawadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party government for encouraging corruption and napotism in the state. “Pichle 14-15 saalon se UP vikas se pichhad gaya tha, jaativaad aur parivarvaad mein ulajh ke.” – he said.

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