Ye Re Ye Re Paisa movie review: A laughing stock of a comedy on Demonetization

Ye Re Ye Re Paisa movie review: A laughing stock of a comedy on Demonetization
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Ye Re Ye Re Paisa is that form of comedy which Hindi films rejected in the early 2000’s post Apna Sapna Money Money. This film takes Demonetization as the central theme and than few other characters who are in dire need of some money so that they can pay the Don of 10 crore rupees. Funnily enough this film would not have a difference if it was set pre-demonetization. The lost money concept and certain comic charcaters on a quest of finding it is repeated so often in cinema that it makes it very difficult to even like the intention of the makers.

There are 4 central characters in the film, one of which is a don who has to bring his money backand other 3 consist of people with no actual profession as 2 of them are strugglers in film industry. The struggling people funny bits are use over used that one wonders if anyone was mentally awake when they were rolling the cameras or anytime after that. There is a girl amongst the 4 characters who is more like an item girl in the films and she wants to Deepika Padukone, oddly enough this is the same character played by Deepika herself in Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year.

Makers were just one inch away from the old television serial laughing sound in the film as every other thing i a literal cliche’. There are some people who would need a time machine to catch up with the world while they are leaving in it. The whole concept of the film is so incredibly dumb that one wishes the childhood incident because of which the writer got his idea should not have happened in the first place, hence saving the world some misery. Absolutely nothing about the film is interesting and it would take at least 3 reviews till one figures out one reason to recommend this film to others.

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