Wonder movie review: A gentle tale that teaches about kindness

Wonder movie review: A gentle tale that teaches about kindness

Wonder, directed by Stephen Chbosky is a story of a little boy named August “Auggie” Pullman (played by the excellent Jacob Tremblay), who was born with physical facial deformity, and has always been home schooled by his parents Isabel Pullman (Julia Roberts, extraordinarily warm) and Nate Pullman (Owen Wilson, very good). The story begins when Auggie begins to attend school for the first time, and fears of being bullied or segregated from the group of classmates and students. The movie is based on the massively successful novel by R.J. Palacio and takes a sensitive and emotional view of deformity, but it is never ever too soggy and obnoxious about its subject matter.

Stephen Chbosky, who previously made the underrated teen movie the perks of being a wallflower maintains an admirable distance from over sentimentality that sometimes bogs movies down which deal with sensitive matters. And he is greatly helped by everyone in the cast, especially Jacob Tremblay who gives his character an innocence but also much needed dignity, and Julia Roberts, who should work more, and is so moving in her scenes that you won’t be able to keep tears from overflowing.

And yes, there will be tears, a lot of them, if you let the movie sink and embrace the beautiful writing and amazing talent involved.

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