A Chinese action film, Wolf Warriors 2 which came earlier this week  28th July 2017 is doing great at the box-office. The film is the directorial work Wu Jing, who has come up with his third movie. apart from action, the film is highly patriotic, which is one of the reason of high collection at the box office. The movie earned $45.5 Million on Saturday. Which marks the second highest collection in a single day release. Wolf warrior 2, is the sequel of the 2015’s wolf warrior, which was again directed-acted by Wu Jing.

The plot of the film revolves around the China-Africa war, where Wu Jing heads his commandos to protect the Chinese on a foreign land. The film has been getting a very good response from the audience and critics. Also, a lot of appreciation is given to the director, Wu Jing, who is told that whatever investment was needed, has been done correctly on the action sequences. Also stated for Wu Jing, a very standardized genre film is done nicely and properly.

Wolf warrior 2, did not break the chain of bringing high blooded scenes from the first part. In fact, huge bigger scenes are shot for better work. The collection which was 545 million for wolf warrior, has collection 850 million in four days. the total collection of the movie has reached to the highest of the July month.The film is ahead of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which had collected $73 million globally.

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