Voter movie review: A startling political story

Voter movie review: A startling political story
Written by Abhishek Rana

Voter, directed by Vishnu Manchu and Surbhi is a political story that makes an impact because it takes so much from the life of the common man and how they’re suffering under the unfair politics of today and how, if he decides to do something about it, change can occur. The movie is bolsters a powerful performance by Vishnu Manchu. The movie might not be saying anything new in terms of its story and the way it presents itself , but its still noteworthy that it decided to use the idea of a common voter to such a powerful effect. The movie is about how common people are fooled by politicians about the idea of a good future during the elections and then conveniently forget to follow through those policies.

Thus, it should come no surprise when the hero rises against the authorities to assert his rights on them. The movie has many powerful moments, even though there are times when it makes it message known too many times. This isn’t a subtle movie, there’s a lot of anger and speeches, and everything is cut out in the open, so that people don’t forget it has something important to say.

Still, the movie works because of the actors, and Vishnu Manchu is perfect for the movie. He shows aggression, self-righteousness, and fearlessness without any forced emotion, which is something rare to see because so many actors chose to go overboard with these characters. It’s good that he doesn’t and that makes the movie better.

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