Vodka Diaries movie review: Thriller high on cheap liquor

Vodka Diaries movie review: Thriller high on cheap liquor

Vodka Diaries is a film about a detective stuck in snow with a series of murders right in front of him and one killer calling him on the phone with hints that also might relate to his personal life. The whole phone call activity is the oldest trick in the detective movie book and it is so 19th century. Apart from the fact that this film stinks of pseudo greatness of a murder mystery, it has K.K. Menon giving one of the worst performances of his entire film career.

Menon is known to be a perfectionist at work and a prolific performer but this film so heavily relies on him being the screen charmer that he explodes a million times in the performance in order to make sure that the intensity is being felt while a strong persona like him should have done the opposite and he would have radiate the tension out to the audience. He is mostly i every frame of the film and one gets bored of his one dimensional characters on which Menon works so hard to make him a real human and not a naive actor trying to play a real human.

Phone call on the other hand is so sadly performed that one might get confuse if she is seducing or warning, seducing part seems like a cheap producer decision. Plot of the film is not as intrinsic as Menon wanted certain scenes to be when he is high on vodka and going through his personal crisis. The primary difficulty of writing a murder mystery is that the story should be smarter than the audience’s clues and direction should mold it in a way that people must be immensely engrossed in it. Makers of this film did not take that much pressure on themselves and made the most mediocre detective thriller which should not be seen by many people in cinemas.

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