Vivegam movie review : Thala Ajith and Siva deliver yet another blockbuster

Vivegam movie review : Thala Ajith and Siva deliver yet another blockbuster

Vivegam is a Tamil language film starring Ajith and Vivek Oberoi. Vivegam is definitely the most hyped Tamil film of 2017. Thala celebrates 25 years in the industry and he trusted Siva to make his biggest budget film till date. Siva and Ajit delivered 2 superhits in the past by the name of Veeram and Vedalam. Vivegam got the 2nd biggest release of all time after Baahubali: The Conclusion and was booked by the people in the matter of minutes. Vivegam had upto 50 shows a multiplex and also oddest timings like a 1:30 am show in Chennai.  Vivegam is also dubbed in Telugu by the name of Vivekam.

Plot of the film revolves around an army intelligence officer AK (Ajith), who has to abscond himself in the mountains because he is chased down very roughly by the antagonist. AK has a wife played by Kajal Aggarwal who is also unaware of his bygones since he has gone rogue in the eyes of British and Indian army. AK is portrayed as an intelligent and strong officer who is extremely patriotic and would not anything against his morals. Aryan (Vivek Oberoi) comes to AK and betrays his trust by helping others to hunt him down and kill before he comes back for the bad guys.

Technical sophistication of the film is incomprehensible especially with the budget of 110 crores, a Tamil film-maker can do wonders. Director Siva has taken the action to a different level by making it sleek and sharp like Hollywood films. Most of the stunts are being performed in the film by Thala himself and he went into extraordinary shape considering his age. Music of the film is also very narrative driven and does not indulge itself into set pieces. It is mostly the instrumental themes that are being played during the action sequences. Thala 57 might just be the biggest hit of this career as the film is made for people of all ages. Vivegam is a must watch and might also become memorable in the long and illustrious career of Thala.

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