Vitamin She Review : Gujarati Romantic movie Explains The logics Between Male and Female

Vitamin She Review : Gujarati Romantic movie Explains The logics Between Male and Female
Written by Ria Maheshwari

Vitamin She movie is based on the Urban Gujarati romantic-comedy-drama film, is a very light and happy go lucky film. The film is directed by, Faisal Hashmi, who has taken the instances of psychological differences between a male and a female from his personal life. The film is featuring Dhvanit Thaker and Bhakti Kubavat in the lead roles.

Vitamin She is the story of a carefree guy Jigar, our Dhvanit Thaker, who has a little fear of love from his childhood, but when he accidentally bumps in Shruti’s life, our Bhakti Kubavat. Things then become more colourful as both of them fell for each other. But with increasing love, the problems increases too and the rest movie deals with making each other understand the true meaning of love. As stated by Jigar(Dhvanit Thaker) in the film, Even love comes with an expiry date. The story basically explains the emotions and logic between a male and female.

The other important cast of the film is Kurush Deboo, Smit Pandya, Ashish Kakkad and Prem Gadhavi who have done a great job in making the film look colourful. Also, the last leg of the film is done by the editor, Prabaahar. Under the banner of Takshashila Entertainment, the film is produced by Sanjay Raval. All the characters of the film are deliberately written by Faisal Hashmi, Mohsin Chavada, and Paresh Patel. And the music is scored by Mehul Surti. Shreedhar Bhatt took the charge of the camera and did a spectacular job in capturing the locations from Palanpur, as directed by the director, Faisal Hashmi. It is one time watch movie with some twists of comedy and romance.

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