Viral picture of Vinod Khanna on social media sparks Cancer rumours

Viral picture of Vinod Khanna on social media sparks Cancer rumours

Yesteryears’ superstar Vinod Khanna who once set many a hearts aflutter on the silver screen is once again in the news, but unfortunately for a not so pleasant reason this time. Rumours are rife that the veteran actor could possibly be suffering from bladder cancer, according to the Indian Express and a picture of him from the hospital has gone viral on social media, further adding fuel to the rumours. The picture in question shows the actor in the hospital, wearing a hospital robe and looking practically unrecognisable and extremely weak, barely standing on his feet with the support of family members.

The viral picture on social media

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It was widely reported this Wednesday when the actor’s son Rahul Khanna issued a statement saying, “Dad was hospitalized on Friday for severe dehydration. The situation was quickly brought under control, he is doing much better and the doctors are looking to discharge him soon. Our family is most grateful for the extraordinary care he’s been receiving at the hospital and we are touched by all the good wishes pouring in.” He is undergoing treatment at Sir H N Reliance Foundation hospital in South Bombay.

However, the cancer news has neither been confirmed by the actor’s family members nor the hospital authorities, who choose to maintain that he is recovering well and is stable now. Social media is flooded with good wishes for a speedy recovery for the 70 year old actor, who is also a BJP MP from Gurdaspur.

But news reports also suggest that back in February this year the actor allegedly mentioned about his bladder cancer at a press conference in Gurdaspur, further adding that he was recovering well and was making it known just because he was a public figure.

So, for now we hope the actor and his family get the privacy they deserve in distressing times like this and unnecessary speculation is put to a halt until the family comes forward with another official press statement. Our good wishes are with them.

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