VIP 2 Lalkar Trailer – Featuring Kajol and Dhanush

VIP 2 Lalkar Trailer –  Featuring Kajol and Dhanush
Written by Ravleen Chawla

VIP 2 Lalkar, is the title given by makers of Kajol and Dhanush starrer ‘VIP 2′ Hindi version. The VIP 2 Lalkar trailer is here now, and it features Dhanush in the titular character of VIP- Vella Important Person. A good for nothing guy who comes crosswise a smooth, cunning, mean, woman in power, Vasundhara Parameshwar, performed by Kajol.

The trailer is all concerning their teasing and how they indulge in a fixture of one upmanship. The show up of the  VIP 2 Lalkar trailer was the improbable chemistry Dhanush, and Kajol carves up, and the dialogue where Kajol’s asks Dhanush’ to be a worker in her company in place of a boss in his own as the position of an employee in her association is greater.

Dhanush plays Raghuvaran, a straightforward middle class married man who is a graduate engineer, who is very obstinate and is jobless and does small transitory jobs to make his living, while Kajol plays the extreme opposite of him.  Name given to her is  Vasundhara and she is playing a strictly real estate magnate with an influential and strong appearance and carries the turning point to the existence of Dhanush and also the movie VIP 2.

VIP 2 is the sequel of the movie VIP which released in the year 2014 only in southern regions of India. However, as the new sequel has Kajol who has a huge fan base around the country the producer desires the film to reach out in all the states possible. VIP 2 is scripted by actor Dhanush himself and produced by Soundarya Rajnikanth. The movie is ready to knock the theatres all across India on 28th July.

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