Vijay Sethupathi character look from ‘Junga’ in Georgia shoot

Vijay Sethupathi character look from ‘Junga’ in Georgia shoot

Vijay Sethupathi is currently in Georgia shooting for his film ‘Junga’ which is directed by Gokul. Vijay has a very different look in this film from the one he had in ‘Vikram Vedha’. Vedha was a character displayed through the prism of time hence he sported everything from a clean shaven look to hefty grey beard in order to make him look menacing. In Junga he is looking really young because of long hairs and not a beard at all because that supports his character in many ways in order to give it some gravitas.

Sethupathi is perhaps at the prime of his career now after having to play Vedha which became an instant cult in Indian cinema and the film got highly appreciated overseas as well. Film went onto become the biggest success of both Vijay’s and Madhavan’s career and garnering rave reviews from the audience for weeks. Multiple viewing of Vikram Vedha became a thing for a short while where people would fill up and go to watch this film because word of mouth was immensely strong. It already is counted as one of he best film ever made in the history of world cinema.

Sethupathi became a pan-India star while Madhavan’s cult rejuvenated yet again after a long period of doing mediocre work. In the larger scheme of things, Sethupathi became a more bankable star who could ask producers to take the bill for a project he believes in because he has the maximum audience he ever had in this point of time. Now, every film decision he is making including Junga has to be based upon the fact that what is the worth of content in the film instead of only commercial value which -pretty much use to be the aim. Makers of Junga will announce release date sometime later in production.


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