Vijay Antony starrer ‘Kaali’ trailer hitting the big mark on YouTube

Vijay Antony starrer ‘Kaali’ trailer hitting the big mark on YouTube
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

‘Kaali’ trailer starring Vijay Antony was released only recently and has already gathered a million views on YouTube with mass appreciation as trailer did not cop out like other films and unveiled almost everything they have got in the film. It is trending number 2 on YouTube and Antony must be all smiles as it has been a journey for him to get to do his film because it was initially planned with Thalapathy Vijay. Antony did not mind moving mountains so that later he can brag about doing this film if it works out the way he wants it to.

As far as play field of genres is concerned this film is not missing out on one and the trailer was quite trippy with a big snake in it and a social drama that revolves around a girl child. Antony could be seen pulling the punches to rattle a few bad guys but he might be having a double role and two very distinct personalities to showcase on screen. Antony’s footage of the film is all over the place but it does not matter as long as he is holding onto mass appreciation.

Right in the middle of it, this trailer gets converted into a music video with a song breaking in and the tonality changing like a bad habit. The tone/rhythm of the trailer changed about 5 times in less than 3 minutes and this is sending a signal that makers want people to accept this film, everyone. Spoon feeding of the audience taste in this one is something else because there is not an explored perspective in cinema which they have not put in this film. Anjali and Sunaina are also playing really important roles in the film but the whole point of that little girl being born is really difficult to understand at least from the trailer.

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